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Exceptional Event and Party Rentals Customized for you


OCLA Events is proud to offer you our customized event party rentals in Orange County and Los Angeles County. We have many years of experience in this industry and will cater to your event needs. Our pictures show you a glimpse of the type of events we produce for our clients and will go the extra mile to make your event a memorable experience without compromising on price.

Beautiful Table Setup for All Occasions
Elegant Tables for
All Occasions

Our tables are made strudy and elegantly to match your event theme. We carry tables of all sizes which allows us to create your event according to your specific needs and specifications.

Dance Floors with Unique Customization Just For You
Custom Made
Dance Floors

We can make custom dance floors for your event in different colors or textures. We carry white, black, and wood dance floors in 4 feet by 4 feed sections. We can display your own name or initials on the dance floors as well.

Dance Floors with Unique Customization Just For You
High Quality
Linens and Napkins

We setup beautiful linens and napkins matching your table decor. We carry a large assortment of colors for any size table you choose. They are made of high quality material.

Wedding Isle Runner for Your Special Day
Beautiful Made
Wedding Aisle Runners

You will feel elegant with our beautiful wedding aisle runners and our customization expertise gives you flexibility on the fabric you choose.


Wedding Arches
For Your Special Day

Our Wedding arches are made of strong frames making your special wedding day a memorable experience. We custom make these arches and we have a large selection for you to choose from as well.

Dance Floors with Unique Customization Just For You
Sturdy Chairs

Our chairs are made of durable material and have cushion for your guests to feel comfortable. We have a huge selection of chair colors to match your theme and event. 

Specialty Bars for All Event and Party Rentals in Orange and Los Angeles County
Specialty Bars with
Customized Features

We have created many different specialty bars for all types of themes and decorations. We can definitely make your bar look and feel unique to fit your event perfectly.

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